December 29, 2007

PATH's in Diamond!

Well I jus' heard from my biblio-buds that my tale has popped its head up in the Previews at Diamond Comics! Its also on pages 195 and 254 in the hardcopy if yer the tangible type! Get down to your local shop and let 'em know. Or don't, but do. One hop closer to sittin' around the campfire swappin' tales.


Arnau said...

Dear Gregory,

I work for a Spanish comics publisher and I'd like to speak to you about the possibility of doing a Spaniah edition of PATH.

How can I reach you?

Jack said...

My name is Chris Wilson and I am the editor of The Graphic Classroom, the website for the use of comic books and graphic novels in the classroom (elementary, middle school and high school). I am always looking for high quality comic literature to use in the classroom and when I saw PATH, I was intrigued.

I am requesting a review copy for THE GRAPHIC CLASSROOM.

A little about me: I am working on my Masters of Science in Elementary Education and am writing my thesis on the use of comics and graphic novels in the classroom. I am very committed to locating and promoting high quality comic literature to help students in all academic subjects.

Thanks for your consideration.

Chris Wilson
The Graphic Classroom

1311 E. Rosebrier
Springfield, MO 65804

Brian said...

I came here to check out your page after seeing Path in previews.

They have listed it as Full Colour though.

I'm still ordering it (looks great) but you might want to clarify that point (unless the previews online are unfinished). I can see its not exactly black and white, but a monocolour toning doesnt count as full colour.

Anonymous said...

hey brian
unfortunately, in terms of printing processes, it is actually four-colour process, so we have to advertise it as such. you're right in that it visually appears to be sepia-toned, but the actual colour breakdown is four colours, i.e. full colour.

i hope this doesn't put you off the book - gregory has done an awesome job and the production will be our usual superior quality. we always strive to produce the very best for our readers.

all the best